treasure hunt

Aug. 03/13
Turquoise Lake - Printer Boy Campground CO
United States
39° 16' 12.4968" N, 106° 20' 51.7956" W

     Join Shark Bait Dive Club and Underwater Phantaseas, LTD for our annual Turquoise Lake Campout, Treasure Hunt and Lake/Beach clean up. This is truly altitude diving at it's best.We dive the east side of Turquoise Lake and collect numbered golf balls along with as much trash as we can get out of the lake. 

Apr. 19/12

Perfect sunny weather and clear diving conditions gave Manly scuba divers a chance to smash their goal in the underwater hunt for potatoes.

Over 100 divers joined Dive Centre Manly’s Underwater Treasure Hunt at Cabbage Tree Bay.  Smashed potatoes were on the menu as this bunch of enthusiastic divers searched the seabed for soggy spuds.

And they smashed another goal too, raising over $1,460 for ocean protection. All donations go to Project AWARE Foundation, a global non-profit protecting our ocean planet, one dive at a time

Sep. 23/12
Tuttenbrocksee - Beckum
Neubeckumer Straße
Beckum 59269
51° 46' 23.5344" N, 8° 1' 43.5864" E

We will organize a "dive against debris" in combination with a treasure hunt...
Activities will take place both under water and on land. BBQ will be held after the "Cleaning!"
All Volunteers are welcome - Diver, Non-Diver, Children, ...

For more information, don´t hesitate to contact us!!