Mar. 10/16

Toxic plastic is wreaking havoc on marine life – and University of Queensland researchers fear it could be making its way up the food chain and ending up on our dinner plates.

UQ School of Biological Sciences' Dr Qamar Schuyler said studies had found that marine creatures as small as plankton were found to have ingested plastic in the open ocean.

Dec. 23/15

Earlier this year we told you the story of the Ugly Journey of our Trash, how our everyday litter travels from land to sea. As divers, we know too well how it endangers marine ecosystems and wildlife along the way but it’s easy to forget that even small everyday life items can pose a serious risk to marine creatures such as sea turtles.

Jan. 08/13

It was a lucky day for two large Hawksbill Turtles stuck in a turtle net off the coast of Viti Levu near Vuda Marina, Fiji.

On December 30th, Tony Koens – director/owner of Subsurface Fiji Adventure Diving  and Watersportsand his partner Carina Bjers, also with Subsurface Fiji, decided to take their SUP (Standup Paddle Board) out for a leisurely afternoon paddle.

They left the beach and were headed towards Naisoso when a few hundred metres down the coast they spotted a large turtle net that had 250mm square mesh and was about 200 metres in length according to Tony.

Apr. 28/12
Celebes Beach Resort
Pom Pom Island
Semporna, Sabah, SB 91305
4° 31' 17.9976" N, 118° 36' 30.2328" E

The Tropical Research and Conservation Centre is teaching a marine conservatation course for divers on Pom Pom island.  This is a 6 day 5 night course staying at a heavily discounted rate at a resort on a beautiful tropical island.  This couse will be at the start of the turtle nesting season and should enable us to see turtle mating as well as nesting and egg layig.  We will visit marine protected areas and experience some of the conservation efforts that are being used to help coral reefs, seagr


As scheduled, on June 19-20, 2011 we made a trip with a group of kids and parents from the High/Scope Indonesia school. The trip which has been prepared in about a month was named: "High/Scope Mums & Kids Goes To Pulau Seribu, Protecting The Ocean One Little Step at A Time".

The trip was joined by 4 pre-schoolers (3 years old) and 2 elementary grade students, plus their parents. They are:

Jun. 07/11

Balloon, plastic bags, nylon rope and even rubber thongs are providing a deadly diet for Australia's critically endangered sea turtle population, a new study shows.

On the eve of World Ocean Day, research by the Earthwatch program Turtles in Trouble has shown that 36 per cent of Australian sea turtles are affected by marine litter, with some 18,000 pieces of plastic litter floating on every square kilometer of the world's oceans.


This year we conducted 2 beach clean ups, a reef clean up dive & a Coral Watch survey snorkel, all on 22nd April - Dive For Earth Day. We were busy!! These activities were conducted with the involvement of: diving & non diving guests; Blue Guru & Golden Buddha Resort staff and 2 local Thai fishermen.


Blue Guru conducted its 2nd season of the Whale Shark Program in 2011. We very much hoped to repeat our success from 2010 of spotting a previously unrecorded whale shark. Last year we snorkeled twice with a 5-6m whale shark at Richelieu Rock. The 7 participants of the program recorded data & took photographs, which were submitted to Project AWARE's Whale Shark Project database, run in conjunction with the Shark Trust, and Ecocean's photo library. It was the first time this particular shark had been recorded in either database. How exciting!

Jan. 09/12
Koh Phra Thong
Golden Buddha Beach
Kuraburi 82150
9° 7' 39.8064" N, 98° 14' 56.4576" E

Blue Guru will be running its Whale Shark Program for the 3rd season in 2012.

In 2010, participants spotted a Whale Shark never before recorded in either Project Aware's Whale Shark Program database (run by Shark Trust) or Ecocean's photo library. By submitting data & photos, we can now track where this whale shark is seen as it migrates through the Andaman Sea and potentially around the world. Will it return to Richelieu Rock again?