Jul. 09/11

Millions of tonnes of plastic debris dumped each year in the world's oceans could pose a lethal threat to whales, according to a scientific assessment to be presented at a key international whaling forum this week.

A review of research literature from the last two decades reveals hundreds of cases in which cetaceans - an order including 80-odd species of whales, dolphins and porpoises - have been sickened or killed by marine litter.

Nov. 12/11
Liveaboard Safari Diving Maldives Male
4° 10' 15.6" N, 73° 28' 33.6" E

Each immersion in balkysub we want to protect and take care for the ocean, so when we organize diving trips to the Maldives we feature programs conducted environmental conservation, such as Whale Shark Operator, as part of the specialty AWARE Whale Shark Project. We will meet with whale sharks, so we will take pictures and report data. Join us!!