#white beach

Dec. 01/14
Ao Muang Tambun Koh Tao, Amphoe Koh Phangan, 84 84360
10° 6' 39.8736" N, 99° 50' 17.1852" E

Sick of the sight of all the litter marring the path to Mango Bay, Koh Tao?

Continue to be amazed by the hordes of tourists on scooters carrying no litter?  Where are the plastic bottles from the water they must have been drinking?

Shouldn't you help to Save Koh Tao?

Supporting Project AWARE should not just be a cynical ploy to improve your Course Director Training Course Application ranking.

Apr. 18/13
White Beach Divers
White Beach, Angol Road, Boat Station 3
Boracay, AKL Malay 5608
11° 57' 2.0808" N, 121° 55' 51.8736" E

Coral Bud Planting... in association with the Boracay Association of Scuba Schools (B.A.S.S.) - dive for FREE!

Come and take part with this amazing opportunity to help us plant some healthy coral buds on some lifeless reef areas, to help bring dead reefs back to life, and give reef fish a new home to thrive on.... preceded by a short presentation on Coral Reef Conservation.