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Jun. 05/15

When I was a kid, our school used to run annual cleanups. It was always really fun. Firstly, we got to miss classes - yippee! But secondly - and more importantly - we discussed how we can protect the environment, we designed posters with messages, and talked about actions we could take to stop littering. I felt like I could take on the world and make it a better place.

May. 07/15

As divers, we know that tackling two of the biggest threats facing our ocean – marine debris and over-exploitation of shark and ray species – is a real challenge, one that we must address together if we are to secure a brighter future for the ocean and its wildlife.

This Endangered Species Day, May 15, join us in recognizing the urgent conservation efforts needed to protect marine species by taking Project AWARE’s new My Ocean Challenge - a new, exciting way for you to fundraise to protect marine wildlife and their habitat.

Apr. 27/15

This year’s April celebrations in honor of Earth Day are coming to a close. Under the global theme "It's Our Turn to Lead", we shone a light on the actions you take, not only during Earth Day but all year round, to tackle one of the biggest ocean issues of our time: marine debris.

Apr. 20/15

It's one of the largest marine debris removal efforts ever undertaken by Project AWARE volunteers as dive centres, businesses and locals rebuild the community after category 5 cyclone 'Pam' swept through the islands of Vanuatu on 13th March 2015. 

With wind gusts in excess of 320km/hr and violent storm surges, the cyclone didn't just damage commercial and residential buildings, it also wrecked havoc under the waves with boats and yachts smashed against the seafloor. 

Apr. 13/15

493,047 and counting. That’s how many pieces of rubbish have been reported and removed from our ocean since 2011 through Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris program. The weight of these items when combined is equal to that of over 3000 people*. 

As we approach the half a million mark, we catch up with AWARE’s Program Specialist, Hannah Pragnell-Raasch to discover a little bit more about what the Dive Against Debris data tells us so far.


For over two decades divers have tackled the marine debris problem. From the olden days of an annual beach and underwater cleanup event to today's action - regular and comprehensive Dive Against Debris surveys reporting the quantities and types of marine debris items found underwater - we've stepped up our game and massively scaled up how we can help protect marine life from deadly ocean trash.

Mar. 10/15

What a busy start to the year! From Paris to Dubai, 100% AWARE partners from around the world have joined us at busy dive shows in Europe and the Middle East to meet like-minded divers. Exhibiting at Dive Shows gives Project AWARE and its partners a unique opportunity to rally support from the dive community to take action locally and globally to protect the ocean and its wildlife.

Mar. 06/15

The world has lost an ocean hero and inspirational women who dedicated her life to shark research, science and conservation. Dr. Eugenie Clark, a pioneering marine biologist, also known as the “Shark Lady”, passed away on 25 February 2015 at age 92.

Mar. 01/15

On 3rd March, people everywhere will celebrate World Wildlife Day, a day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora. For scuba divers like you it’s an opportunity to recognise the value of marine life and remind ourselves of our responsibility to protect it.


A landmark study, published in the journal Science on Thursday 13 February, reveals just how much plastic makes its way in the world's oceans and the top countries responsible for the ocean-bound trash.