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Jun. 13/14

Marine pollution is a key topic of discussion during the upcoming International Ocean Conference, "Our Ocean", in Washington, DC from 16 – 17 June 2014.

Project AWARE will be there among lawmakers, advocates and experts to advocate for the ocean and marine debris – trash in our ocean – specifically.

We want you to be there too. Please help create a global rally cry for ocean pollution solutions.

May. 30/14

World Oceans Day, 8th June, is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to make strong arguments for change. All month long, Project AWARE is taking advantage of strategic opportunities to represent the voice of divers – a powerful constituency when it comes to ocean protection.

Our focus areas – sharks and marine debris – are high on the global policy agenda this month and Project AWARE aims to advocate for the ocean where and when the important decisions are made.

May. 15/14
Is it a funny name? A fun bunch of scuba divers? Or fundraising in fins? A big sharktastic round of applause if you answered all three. 

It’s a funny name for a swimathon in fins. It’s the global fundraiser for scuba divers to raise a few dollars for sharks and of course have some fun. But there’s also a serious side to all the wacky shark costumes, flash mobs and epic swim challenges.  

May. 07/14

May 16th is Endangered Species Day - a time to emphasize the importance of protecting species on the brink and the everyday actions that people can do to help protect them. Every tip from Project AWARE’s modernized 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet can help the world’s most threatened marine species every time you dive and travel. For this month, Tip #3: Take Only Photos – Leave Only Bubbles is a no-brainer.

Apr. 22/14

Cars, a makeshift toilet, a full set of golf clubs, a set of false teeth and a pogo stick. These are just some of the unusual items found by volunteer scuba divers who are helping Project AWARE offer a new, underwater view of the problem of trash – much of it plastic – in the ocean.

Apr. 14/14

A huge fins up and thank you to our partners for flying the 100% AWARE flag at the Asian Dive Expo (ADEX) in Singapore this weekend: Crystal Divers Bali, Bali Breizh Divers, Dive Zone Lombok, Blue Marlin Komodo, AquaMarine Diving-Bali, Marlin Divers, Blue Corner Dive Lembongan, Scuba Junkie, Sierra Madre, B n J and Suiila Dive Center Taiwan.

Project AWARE’s Program & Outreach Coordinator, Hannah Pragnell-Raasch, attended ADEX and was delighted to catch up with our 100% AWARE Partners who were at the show.

Apr. 04/14

AWARE divers are the happiest divers. How do we know? Studies show that the secret to happiness is doing good. Over the last several years scientists have studied what’s been dubbed the “helper’s high”. What did they find? The amount of purpose in peoples’ lives determined their degree of happiness. In fact, the more people participated in meaningful activities, the better they felt. 

Mar. 27/14

We’ve been removing debris from underwater environments together for decades but now, we’re going to share what we’ve found with the rest of the world. More importantly, we’re going to use the information to prevent the trash from our everyday lives from ending up in the ocean in the first place.

That's why Project AWARE launched Dive Against Debris in 2011. With the help of thousands of divers, debris removal efforts have stepped up and divers are actively protecting marine life including sharks and rays that can get tangled in trash.

Mar. 13/14

Focused on solutions and collaboration to ensure Healthy Oceans and Productive Ecosystems for future generations, the HOPE Conference, on 3-4 March 2014 in Brussels, called for urgent action to better protect the ocean and, in particular, to combat the ever increasing amount of marine debris.

Mar. 05/14

Divers around the globe are pledging to help protect the ocean planet with Project AWARE’s modernized 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet – a conservation ethic designed to help divers enjoy the adventure while protecting the dive sites they love. What’s the tip #1 about? Buoyancy of course!