Ocean Action Project

With ever increasing threats to our ocean planet, working globally and acting locally has never been so important.

Ocean Action Project

The Ocean Action Project empowers ocean communities to take local conservation actions to a whole new level of change. With measured results, on the ground and under the water action, the Ocean Action Project brings us one step closer to a clean, healthy and abundant ocean planet by addressing the root causes of marine debris or shark and ray protection issues. 

In 2013, we called for proposals and received over 80 action projects. 10 finalists were put to the public vote. Here are the 2013 Ocean Action Projects voted by you:

We believe that a strong grassroots movement paired with Project AWARE's work to drive policy forward can build a strong wave for ocean protection.

You can check out the progress and achievements from the Ocean Action Projects 2012 as well as our 2013 projects. And be sure to stay tuned for announcements on the next wave of ocean action support.