Action Highlights

written by Lindsay Phillips - Perth Scuba PADI Divemaster

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Trip 101 on the 27th of October

I will be getting everybody involved in a reef debris clean up during the whole trip....and for a few more trips after that also.....

As the SimilanIslands will be opening their doors once more to hundreds of divers this season, I see the first few trips as an ideal oportunity to remove old nets, lines and whatever else we find from the closed diving season.


For our Debris Month of Action event this year, we conducted two dives at the same location.

We also collect hundreds of feet of fishing line. Not sure what the best way to report that is. Sometimes, it spiderwebs the reef!


Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's ICC at Phil Foster Park. With your help, we collected over 66 lbs of trash and marine debris from the beach & coastline, and over 10 lbs from underwater.

Our next cleanup will be December 7th, 2013 at Phil Foster Park.  For more information about our December 7th cleanup, please call Pura Vida Divers at 561.840.8750.  

We hope to see you all again in December.  Thank you for all or your hard work!!


Congratulations to Jaime, Paul, Tom & Chris on completing their Debris Removal Diver Distinctive Specialty!


September is Project AWARE’s month of action and to play our part we organised a Dive for Debris at Murrays Bay in Auckland’s North Shore.

Unfortunately there had been heavy rain in the days before which left the water visibility really bad, at approx. 1m. Still we had approx. 20 divers and shore support crew volunteering and cleaning up what we could find.

We removed approx. 30kg of rubbish from the beach and in the ocean, we were particularly pleased to remove several batteries which are incredibly bad for the ocean.


Project AWARE coined the event Finathon to help end finning of sharks globally. So they encourage dive centers to get involved and hold their own Finathon. Normally a Finathon would be doing a swimming event or walking event…but here in South Florida we have the opportunity to dive with sharks in their natural environment…so Force-E created their Finathon with a full weekend of diving and fundraising.


During the last 2 months at asia divers we started a dive against debris campaign.


we decided to start with the area aroud Asia Divers pier wich seems to be a natural colector of debris.

We will do a dive a dive against debris each month around the pier and moniter any changes we find to the total garbege found, 2 dives have already been made and on the first dive there was 26kg and a month later there was 24.5kg so already an improvement . 



What a great Dive Against Debris / lake clean up.  On September 21st, 2013 we had 18 divers helping clean up Vista Point at Lake Pleasant, AZ.  We removed approx 350 lbs. of trash that was left by boaters, fisherman etc, hopefully not any divers.  The largest pieces were a boat engine hatch that was left behind when the sunken boat was relocated to another location.  We also had a very large section of carpet and many, many bottles, cans, and misc plastic items. Thanks to everyone who helped me and The Scuba Shop with the clean up and helped to carry the 350 lb.


It was a beautiful day on September 21st, 2013.  The weather was sunny and the water was glassy.  Volunteers showed up from all over the Tampa Bay area.  After the safety brief, the divers, kayaker safety observers, and data collectors prepared to start the dive cleanup.