Summer Racing Shark Tour

The big run for sharks:

Summer Racing Shark Tour
44° 21' 52.9416" N, 1° 56' 0.9384" E
Sonntag, Juni 1, 2014 - 01:00 - Montag, September 1, 2014 - 01:00

        - Over 32 special education events

        - Over 10 beach cleanup events

        - 1750 miles (2800km)

        - 1 marathon a day

        - Over 75 days

This summer, a special shark is comming to France. This shark doesn't swim but run. He's got fin but legs too. Comming out the water, visiting over 68 towns, this shark will hold an shark & ocean special event in several towns.

Education, Aware, Sharks are facing major threats, oceans are too. This special shark will raise public awareness on the issues facing the oceans and sharks.

Spread out the message, shark needs protection for the health of ocean. This summer, one of them is coming out to shout it to everybody ears. JOIN THE SUMMER RACING SHARK TOUR MOUVEMENT