Day 3!

Day 3!

Woo hoo!! Day 3 of my pledge to collect trashy marine treasure was a great success. Back out on the House Reef and today's haul was: 16 plastic drinks bottles, 1 plastic shampoo bottle, 16 plastic food pots (yoghurt pots), 1 flip flop (I still don't understand the amount of flip flops out there!), 1 piece of nylon rope and a badminton shuttlecock?????? Job done for the day. Back out with my collection bag tomorrow - one person can make a difference - in just 3 days that's a lot of plastic.......


Interesting about the Flip

Interesting about the Flip flops .... !!! Buccaneer dive centre in Kenya together with a local environmental group is making a life-size minke whale from discarded flip flops washed ashore. Check out

5 Jahre ago