Debris Month of Action

Debris Month of Action

 Scuba Divers Fight Back Against Marine Debris

Thank you to thousands of volunteers who rallied together during September’s Debris Month of Action! With a united mission to combat the growing marine debris problem, more than 17,000 lbs/7500 kgs of debris was removed and reported from underwater environments around the globe.

More than 20,000 trash items were collected during September, including the usual culprits – plastic drink bottles, food wrappers and cigarette butts. In the bizarre category, divers removed a garage door, shopping carts, mobile phones, golf clubs and a guitar amplifier. It’s astounding to see all the stuff from our everyday lives that make their way underwater.

So how do we stop trash from entering the ocean and choking precious marine life in the first place? During September, 155 Dive Against Debris Heroes signed the pledge to remove and report harmful debris year-round.  Ongoing data and photo submissions are invaluable in painting an accurate picture of the underwater marine debris issue. Armed with comprehensive and consistent information, we’ll be in a stronger position to prevent debris from a policy and waste management perspective.

Project AWARE’s ultimate goal is to prevent marine debris at the source. Thanks to all the ocean heroes out there, we’re moving closer to an ocean free of trash each time we Dive Against Debris. Keep up the great work!

Want to make your dives count for conservation? It’s never too late to start your Dive Against Debris action. Find the tools here to help get you started.