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Andy Stewart's Photos

World Oceans Day Dive Against Debris
NZ Heald photographers
Divers from New Zeland Under Water Association & Kelly Tarltons
Some of the rubbish collected
Computer monitor used for fishing :-(
more of the rubbish! 100kg was collected in around 30 minutes
Down the wharf to the entry point!
Computer monitor used for fishing :-(
Murrays Bay Clean Up November 2014
November 2014 Murrays Bay Clean Up Crew
Younger crew member
Recording all of the debris for the Project AWARE Data Card
The debris removed from the ocean today :-)
Watching the divers from above
Divers entering the water
Divers gearing up
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Clean Up Dives
Rubbish found at Murrays Bay 20 July 2013
Performance Diver Dive for Debris 14th September 2013
Rubbish collected 14 Sept 2013
Murrays Bay
Lemon Nudi
gem nudi
beer bottle
Murrays Bay