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Big Blue Vanuatu's Photos

June 16 Dive Against Debris
DAD volunteer divers
This bottle has been down there a while
Surveying the rubbish - counting and sorting
Plastic stuff brought up
Lots of bottles were found
We also found a book of CDs
Nambawan Cafe put on a sausage sizzle for all the volunteers
April's Rubbish Dive!
Unloading the debris from the boat
sorting the debris
counting the debris
lots of beer bottles were found
sometimes its not that easy to identify the items
recoding the debris
the Dive Against Debris Team
The ANZ topside team
Dive Against Debris December 2015
The DAD Team
counting and sorting the debris
Over sized coat hanger
Lots of aluminium cans
Sam modelling a watch that was found
Dive Against Debris for International Costal Clean up day September 2015
Sorting the rubbish
rubbish sorted into plastic, metals, glass and others to make it easier to count
Bottles bottles and more bottles
counting and recording
counting the plastics pile with some interested lookers on
We always find at least one umbrella!
3 more days of diving for Cyclone Pam Debris
Debris being brought back by boat to shore
The area where we dived over the 3 days
Debris from the first of the extra days diving
Underwater photo competition for National Environment Week
The Winner for the scuba category - Mushroom coral coming out to feed by Johnny
Winner of the snorkelling category - Sargent fish on the seawall by Georgina
Highly commended - juvenile lion fish by Jerry
Highly commended - catfish by Fabrice
Highly commended - butterfly fish by Wills
Damsels in the stghorn
Leather coral on the seawall
Colourful damsels
trumpet fish
More images of Cyclone Pam Debris
12 tonnes of debris was removed from the habour
Sails were smothering coral
fishing line wrapped around coral
removing sails
Everything including the kitchen sink from the wrecked boats ended up in the water
This is part of yacht's mast
Another part of mast
8 tonnes so far
Sack of fibreglass pieces - these were all once part of boat hulls
We have removed several batteries
cyclone Pam debris removal project - first 3 weeks
One pile of metals that were removed from the ocean
Smaller pieces of debris are collected into bags and brought to the surface
Using lift bags to move the larger items
Debris brought close to the sea wall ready to be removed from the water
Larger piece of fibreglass being removed with a crane truck
Another piece of boat being removed by crane
Larger pieces of fibreglass
Boat pieces and other debris
Electronics from the boats
Our project on the front page of the national Newspaper
Cyclone Pam Debris removal Project in Vanuatu
Tropical Cyclone Pam as a category 5 cyclone approaching Port Vila
Many boats were wrecked in Port Vila harbour
Debris from yachts smashed on the seawall were strewn on the shore
Piece of boats were left floating in the water
Crocodile fish amongst the debris
Boat debris lying next to coral
Steering wheel of a yacht totally detached from it's boat and on the ocean floor
Ropes, sails and other debris can smother coral and entangle marine life
We are very grateful the coral on our dives sites was largely unaffected so the diving is still fabulous