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Blu Rivard's Photos

Another World below the Ocean
Grace and Majesty of the Green Sea Turtle
One Life to Live! Live it right  Safe Diver!
Poui Pou Kauai of Hawaiian Islands 1990 Diving with Eel my new friend
Young Octopus taught me how to handle it with caution
Preserve, Protect, and Persue! Great Diving ethics
Another World below the Ocean
Grand Cayman Islands 1989, my open water certification dive
Just Waking Koala Bears at Felay's Wildlife Park Queensland Australia
Dive break on one of the Rock Islands of Palau
Dive break one of hundreds of Rock Islands in the Republic of Palau
Men's House in Palau
Lunch time! Palau
Australia 1998 Aboriginal Dancers and Blu
Balinese Albino Python with Blu 16ft of pure muscle power
Monkeying around in Bali Indonesia
Submersibly yours!
Close encounter of the friendliest kind
Finishing Touches "Island Fever"
Rock Islands of Palau on Two Dog Island
Grand Cayman Islands
Submersibly yours!
Submersibly yours!