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Christopher Cirillo's Photos

Big Island Hawaii
Manta Ray conservation dive, Kona, Hawaii
Sea turtle on Hawaii's famous black-sand beach
Big Island Hawaii
Big Island Hawaii
Big Island Hawaii
Big Island Hawaii
Big Island Hawaii
Big Island Hawaii
Our 10 Tips Pledge in Destin, Florida at Emerald Coast Scuba
PADI IDC Staff Instructor Chris Cirillo kicks off our 10 Tips Campaign in Destin at Emerald Coast Scuba - Join Us!
PADI Instructor Patrick pledges his commitment to follow and promote 10 Tips
OWSI Andrea Reid pledges her commitment to promote and follow the 10 Tips
Don't be shy! OWSI Brian Daresta makes the pledge to promote and follow Project Aware's 10 Tips --
My Marine Debris Facebook Campaign for Emerald Coast Scuba
My Turtles Against Debris Campaign at Emerald Coast Scuba
My Dolphin Against Debris Campaign at Emerald Coast Scuba
My Turtle Against Debris Campaign at Emerald Coast Scuba
Oahu, Hawaii
A red pencil urchin found near Electric Beach in Oahu
Billy and Taylor look on at a green sea turtle at Turtle Canyon dive site off Wikiki Beach
Incredible scenary above and below the surface in Hawaii
Yellow tangs seem to dance along the reef at Electric Beach on Oahu
Witnessing a cleaning station at Turtle Canyon dive site off Wikiki Beach on Oahu, Hawaii
A white tip reef shark rests under a ledge near Turtle Canyon dive site on Oahu
A green sea turtle rests on The Sea Tiger shipwreck off Oahu
A red slate pencil urchin off attached to the reef off Wikiki
Oahu, Hawaii
Oahu, Hawaii
Oahu, Hawaii
Oahu, Hawaii
Fish cascade over the reef at Electric Beach on Oahu
My family on our dive trip to Oahu
Roatan, Honduras
Anthony's Key Resort - with Emerald Coast Scuba, 2013
Shark Conservation Dive in Roatan with Emerald Coast Scuba 2013
Shark Conservation Dive, Roatan
Shark in Roatan - Great dive!!
Roatan Shark dive with Emerald Coast Scuba
Shark in Roatan
Green Moray Eel in Roatan with Emerald Coast Scuba
Happy Moray in Roatan
Green Sea Turtle, Roatan, Emerald Coast Scuba
Nassau Grouper peers out from his barrel sponge in Roatan
Dolphins at Anthony's Key Resort - magnificent experience with RIMS to protect these awesome creatures
Spiny lobster in a barrel sponge - Roatan
Spotted Drum (just a kiddo) in Roatan
Queen in Roatan
Here & There
Find your motivation to help our planet
Unlikely. Beauty.
Wish upon a star
Destin, Florida sunsets on another great day of diving with Emerald Coast Scuba
A sand dollar for your thoughts
Get hooked, elsewhere.
Standed in solitude
Amid the glare
Dive in!
All Washed Up
Dive. Buddy.
Take the wheel
You lead, we'll follow
Love nest
DIvemaster Duo
I wanna bite.
Here lizard, lizard, lizard (fish)
Mobile, Ala.
Destin, Fla.
Billy and Taylor on The Hilma Hooker
Cirillo's photographs document how Lionfish, without any natural predators, continue to invade reefs from Bonaire in the Caribbean to Destin in the Gulf of Mexico and how divers ban together to stomp out these harmful species.
Cirillo demonstrates to divers how to use a nonsensitve bottom to make adjustments and avoid damaging fragile coral reefs and delicate underwater environments.
A banded moray eel dines on a small octopus in a shallow tidal pool in Bonaire.
Streamlining gear and securing dangling gauges helps protect reefs from damage caused by careless divers.
The protected marine sanctuary surrounding Bonaire and the culture of preservation on the island has preserved reefs and garnered international praise.
Maintaining and practicing good buoyancy helps divers avoid personal injuries and protects coral reefs from unnecessary and very harmful damage.
The Hilma Hooker shipwreck, several years after her sinking, has began showing signs of healthy coral and marine growth.
The Bahamas
Cirillo visits with Eleuthera, Bahamas residents Tina and Al Saunders
Cirillo chonicles the rescue of this humpback whale ensnared in a discarded fishing net in his recent bestselling book.
Cirillo interviewed on Bahamas Splash FM radio about his book and preserving the environment and delicate marine ecosystem.
Cirillo speaks to Bahamas school children about his new book and how they can help preserve their prestine environment.
One of Bahamas' few prestine coral reefs near the outpost island of Spanish Wells, Bahamas.
Cirillo's photograph of these discarded Queen Conch shells illuminate wide-spread over harvesting across the Caribbean resulting in dwindling populations.
Cirillo tours Cape Eleuthera Marina and Resort in 2011; a celebrated Bahamas eco-friendly resort that promotes and practices strict shark- and eco-conservation practices..
Cirillo photographs and chonicles the story of a mother manatee and her calf and how Bahamaian residents came together to protect these magnificent creatures.
Hundreds of residents and visitors attend Cirillo's booksigning on the outpost island of Spanish Wells in the Bahamas.
Cirillo visits and documents one of the many unspoiled beautiful beaches on the out islands of the Bahamas.
Cirillo writes a story illustrating regulatory restictions on Bahamas lobster fisherman and how poachers from Cuba and elsewhere ignore conservation efforts.