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Community based shark conservation in the Galapagos Islands's Photos

Shark Day - Día del Tiburón
Local kids enjoying the activities and learning about sharks
Shark Day visitors: Local kids with their families, tourists, students and scientists
Draw your favorite shark!
Announcing the winners of arts and games.
Shark T-shirts: Raising awareness among locals and tourists
The design tells an Ocean Action story
Volunteers and supporters can identify themselves as part of our conservation effort
Local dive guide Jens showing off his Shark T-shirt
Volunteers wearing the Ocean Action Projects T-shirts to raise awareness
Shark Habitat
Shark GPS locations over a bathymetry map
Change of vegetation. Top: Wet season. Bottom: Dry season
Typical environment in the shark nursery. Mangroves in shallow water with rocky or sandy bottom
A day in the life of a Blacktip shark
Juvenile Blacktip sharks in their nursery
Sunset over the shark nursery
Tracking crew during shift change
Puerto Grande, our study site and a mayor shark nursery area