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Every day life
Taste the rainbow
Friends selfie
Learning ASL...scuba application is simply perfect
Staffing IDCs at Raibow Reef, Key Largo. On my way to Course Director
Staffing IDC
Freediving with Bat Rays in California
With my land shark
My mentors, my heros and my paying it forward
Dr. Sylvia Earle, an inspiration
Andrea Zafares (next to me) and Butch Hendrick, LGS trainers and friends for life
Speaking at Norfolk Aquarium
Local Bahamian students on their graduation dive after three years of training. All non profit work
Education starts from the youngest
Mexico: how to conduct safe shark encouter dives
The one and only Shark Lady: Dr. Eugene Clark
DiveTek USA 2014, presenting about the connection between land and ocean cave
All the way from Russia: shark awareness course students
My babies, 20 years of work with sharks to create awarenss, protection and an industry vital to their survival
Sharks collect hooks from fishermen all the time
Through a special technique a put sharks in a trance with minimal interference
This allows me to remove the hooks
Welcome to my office
The relax state allows scientists to remove DNA with minimal interference and strss for the animal
One day's worth of collection
Sharing allows people to see, understand and connect
Sharks come in for a rub, it's not forced
Freediving with my babies
Cave diving, a passion, a life style, a vital reservoir of fresh water
Cave diving, Grand Bahama Island
The elactites of Mermaid's Lair
Freediving through sun rays, Ben's cavern Grand Bahama
Fossil croc teeth, Mermaid's Lair
The fragile world of Ben's Cave
Ocean Blue holes require tides knowledge to avoid dangerous syphons
Excessive batterial growth shows the importance of taking care of the land above to preserve the fresh water supply
Complicated and delicate decorations in an healthy water table
Specific gear and training are vital