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Dive Downbelow's Photos

PADI Course Director Richard (far right) running through the course material with the students
New Shark AWARE Instructors. Passionate and ready to teach!
Student Katie does a great job of presenting the MLGs provided by the AWARE Foundation
One of the students, Wouter, makes his presentation before the shark dive
Net Removal Feb 2012
Downbelow's Net Removal Team on the boat, heading to the net site
The team working together to free the reef from the net entanglement
Spanning into the deep: a 150ft, virtually indestructible fishing net
Taking it to the surface: PADI Course Director Richard Swann surfaces with a large remaining piece
Dragging the net onto the boat and cutting free the trapped marine animals
All smiles, even the freed stargazer.
1st Net Removal of 2012
The Downbelow Net Removal Crew en route to the site of the net
This net was quite expansive, but luckily not to entangled on the reef
Part of the net up in the water wafting in the current waiting to needlessly trap innocent passers-by
Downbelow's crew gets to work cutting the net down to size
One of our professional interns Sam gets valuable Project AWARE and net removal experience
Bundling up the net pieces to take it back to the surface
1st Net Removal of 2012
Another Nov 2011 TAR Park Net Removal
Pro Intern Shevy gives the net removal dive briefing
Planning with the team about removing the net
On the way to the site of the net in Kota Kinabalu's TAR Park
Pro Intern & IDC Candidate Shevy looks concerned for the environment. Joe's getting his hair ready for the dive
Downbelow's Boat Captain Mel steering the crew to the set of the illegal net
The illegal net entangled healthy corals and sat up in the water, particularly destructive
A beautiful coral reef in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park threatened by an illegal, entangled net
Entangled, but still alive. Downbelow's team arrives just in time to save a few critters
Downbelow's local intern Leomicky Martin releases the tangled critters
Sending a few cut-up parts of the net to the surface
Boat Captain Mel takes it from the crew in the water
Out of water and and unable to do more harm, this net has a future...
Jessica & Bob repurposes the net and make bags out of them for future Project AWARE rubbish collections.
TAR Park Net Removal - Oct 2011
Surfacing with the net
The net choking a reef
Intern Paul Growls at the Net
Alvin & Richard with the Net
The Removed Net. Small, but big damage
Dissecting the Net
TAR Park Net Removal - Nov 2011
Downbelow's Net Removal Team in action
Bob suggests Project Aware get some bigger mesh bags :0
Richard & James save one young Horseshoe Crab from a certain death @ 30m & still find time for a quick photo opportunity
James snaps a shot of Richard tackling the net at 30m
Big, menacing net at the bottom of the TAR park
Wellson balls up a large section of net to send to the surface
A huge pile of net now safely out of the water
Project AWARE Marine Debris July 2011
Collecting rubbish from the beach ara
Volunteers hard at work cleaning the beach
Snorkelers return with a load of rubbish
The 30+ volunteers who took part in the Project AWARE Marine Debris cleanup event
January 2011 Net Removal
January 2011 Net Removal
January 2011 Net Removal
January 2011 Net Removal
January 2011 Net Removal
January 2011 Net Removal
January 2011 Net Removal
Say No To Plastic November 2010
Say No To Plastic November 2010
removing the rubbish
Say No To Plastic November 2010
Say No To Plastic November 2010