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Shark Projects in Thailand
Sapna - Female Leopard Shark at Bida Nok - Phi Phi Thailand - named by Snippy - Sapna means Dream in Hindi
Harsh - Male leopard shark spotted at Viking Cave - Phi Phi Thailand - named by Snippy - Harsh means Joyful in Hindi
example of leopard shark spotting for the project - spots from the side(left) are key in recognition
the logo of the Spot the leopard shark thailand project
Leopard shark on Malong Phi Phi Thailand - not able to complete recognition due to angle
blacktip reefshark cruising on Palong
blacktip reefshark at Palong Phi Phi Ley
a blacktip reefshark in the shallow waters at Phi Phi Don - Hin Phae - seen during snorkeling
blacktip reefshark on the sandy flats of Palong Thailand
Blacktip reef Shark at Bida Nai Thailand - juvenille as size just around 50-75 cm
closeup of leopard shark
2012 fight against debris
team in the water
debris found
beach cleanup
the fight against debris team
My Best UW pics
Flatworm during Nightdive
Harlequin shrimp
turtle cruising over the sandy bottom
My Best UW pics
Cuttlefish shooting off
Lionfish (upclose)
braincoral view
My Best UW pics