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Ecodiver's Photos

Kenna Eco Diving Seahorse Survey
Sunny, Hippocampus hippocampus
Melon, Hippocampus guttulatus
Danny, Hippocampus hippocampus (very pregnant)
Eco Dive Research Volunteers
Research dive volunteers at Punta Romani
Seagrass research
Jasmine and the Posidonia pipefish
Richard from the UK
Irina from Russia
Bryan from Gibralta
Nefertari from the UAE
Christina from Germany
Mario from Belgium
Migle from Lithuania
Diving the research station with Miguel Venturi from SILMAR
Riz from the Andaman Islands
Underwater Cleanups
Kenna Eco Diving Volunteer divers with trash bags
Beach Cleanup with Kids United
Kids United
Cleanup volunteer with Hammerhead shark hat
Protect Sharks banner
Cleaning the beach
Volunteer Diving
Volunteer measuring Posidonia oceanica
Posidonia pipefish - Syngnathus typhle
Volunteer marine biology student
Painted wrasse in Posidonia meadow
Volunteer collecting data
Eggs on Posidonia oceanica leaf
European Fish Week dive
EcoDive volunteer with trash collection
Volunteer EcoDiver
Kenna Eco Diving
The beautiful bay of Cala Montgo where EcoDive volunteers dive to do coastal research
Sarpa salpa over Posidonia oceanica meadow
Divers recovering an abandoned anchor and chain that was damaging the Posidonia meadow
Kids United making art from trash
Kids United helping Kenna Eco Diving with a Beach Cleanup
Antendon mediterranae feather star
Paramuricea clavata Gorgonian coral