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Julian Rusinek's Photos

Julian Rusinek's California Channel swimming
First ever record San Miguel to Santa Rosa Island swim!
California coast Channel Islands
Getting ready to swim the channel with David Clark as the CCSF Official Observer.
Half way point in the Catalina Channel.
Julian Rusinek with his support kayaker.
21 mile Catalina Channel finish!
Julian's daily training swims at Oak street in Laguna Beach, CA
Sucess! Record San Miguel Channel attempt.
Swimming the San Miguel passage. 57.9 degree water.
With my Coach Lynn Kubasek.
With my Official SBSCA Observer Scott Zorning
Finathon crew!
Press release.
On track for a First Ever record!
Shark resistant suit.
Channel swimming in Great White Shark territory.
Swimming to San Miguel Island in 57.9 degree water!