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Katy Stickland's Photos

Reef Clean at Kariwak Reef, Tobago
Preparing for the reef clean
Preparing for the reef clean
Heading out to clean the reef
Entering the water to start cleaning the reef
Some of the rubbish collected from the reef, including the blue parasol
Past Clean Up Events
Cleaning up Kariwak Reef, Tobago
Clean up on Kariwak Reef, Tobago
Beach Clean Up at Penryn, Falmouth, Cornwall
Cleaning up the beach at Penryn, Cornwall
Beach clean up at Penryn, Cornwall
Diving in the UK
Dog Fish off St Ives, Cornwall
Cuttlefish off Lamorna, Cornwall
Basking shark off Penzance
Teaching with Truro College Diving School
Diving Gull rock, Penzance
Pipefish off Swanpool, Falmouth
Spider Crab off Swanpool, Falmouth
Red Sea Diving
Butterfly Fish
Fish Soup
Lion Fish
Diving Beautiful Tobago
Hawksbill Turtle
Christmas Tree Worms
Giant Brain Coral at Speyside
Spotted Eagle Ray
Big Eyes, which school in large numbers off Stingray Alley
Spotted Moray Eel
Banded Coral Shrimp
French Angelfish, one of the many species of angelfish to be found on Tobago
Scorpian fish
Sand Diver, plentiful on most reefs in Tobago
Squirrel fish
Tracy and the Southern Stingray on Stingray Alley