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New Heaven Reef Conservation's Photos

Earth Day 2016 and the Island Clean-Up
The team and their haul from the land clean-up
The team returns triumphantly from the dive, after collecting 151kgs of trash from Taa Chaa
Kirsty at the surface with arms full of trash
Our boat boy 'O' joined us for the dive, finding an awesome sign
A buddy team works carefully to remove an old net from a branching coral
The trash becomes very heavy when it comes to the surface
Scouring the reef for trash
Buddies fill up the rice-bags
Modular Mooring Line Anchors
the 3rd completed mooring line base, at Sai Nuan Koh Tao.
Volunteers bring down the mooring pieces
Modular Mooring Line Anchors
One of the pilot units after 6 months
Marine Debris Month of Action 2012: 32 days of clean-ups
August 31st Beach Clean-up: 101.4 Kgs.
A before and after picture from the August 31st beach Clean-up
September 1st clean-up
Before and after series for September 1st clean-up
updating the 'stop the oceans silent killer' poster
The clean-up boards starts to fill up
Mega Clean-up with New Heaven Reef Conservation
Pushing the rubbish pile
Mega Clean-up with New Heaven Reef Conservation
Our apologies to the boat Catain
Sunburns, sore muscles, and cut up hands pay off in the biggest pile of nets any of us have ever seen.
Mega Clean-up with New Heaven Reef Conservation
Mega Clean-up with New Heaven Reef Conservation
A job well done!
Freedom Beach Clean-up - December 2011
Before and after shot 1
Before and after shot 2
Job Well Done
The reef was covered in plastic bags
Best of New Heaven RCP 2011
Shark Awarness Day, August 3rd 2011
Mooring Buoy Construction, Along with Crystal's Eco Koh Tao
First RCP dive on the HTMS Sattakut Wreck
Attaching coral fragments using the rope method
Best of New Heaven RCP 2011
Land Clean-up along the Chalok Ban Kao Canal
Some help with the underwater clean-up in Ao Taa Chaa
A diver checks over the Hin Fai biorock site
Best of New Heaven RCP 2011
RCP students studnets attach coral during the weekly trip to the Hin Fai Site
Students Repositioining the Hin Fai Mooring
Studnets from Mohidol University International College learn how to make artificial reefs with the NHRCP