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R and Sea Divers Tobago's Photos

Underwater Tobago...what you'll see
Giant Brain Coral at Kelleston Drain, Speyside
Southern Stingray at Stingray Alley
Remora hitching a ride
Christmas Tree worms
Hawksbill turtle, one of three species of sea turtle found in Tobago's waters
Longsnout Seahorse
Nurse Shark
Golden tail moray eel - one of several species of moray here
Barrel sponges and soft corals, twisted and mishaped by Tobago's current. It's what makes Tobago the drift diving capital of the Caribbean.
Small mouth Grunts
The wreck of the Maverick
Four Eye Butterfly fish
Staff at R & Sea Divers, Tobago
PADI OWSI Randy Davis
PADI Divemaster Leslie Peters.
R & Sea Divers, Tobago
Back of the dive shop
Teaching Classroom
Dive Boat
Equipment Room
Front of the dive shop
Training Pool
R & Sea Divers, based on Store Bay Local Road at the Toucan Inn
R & Sea Divers offers a range of PADI courses from Bubblmaker and Discover Scuba Diving....
...to Open Water, Advanced Open Water, EFR, Rescue and Divemaster...
...to specialtys like Underwater Naturalist, Boat, Underwater Navigation and Drift.
Clean Ups
Clean up on Kariwak Reef - September 2009
Clean up with Extra Divers, Tobago - October 2011