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Safari lodge Divers's Photos

CORALWATCH volunteers
First CORALWATCH dive survey
More data collected, thanks guys
Thanks to Charlotta, Erin and John for helping us with The Great Fiji count
Need help identifying those shark species?
Mooring project 2012
manager Clint Coombs making mooring for Nirvana
Mooring line finished
Tires found from our September beach clean up, more materials for our moorings! Great way to recycle :)
The Great Fiji Shark count
Just one of the White tip reef shark's sighted this week
Look what else we spotted
Spot Nemo!
Guess what i am
Beach cleanup and splash for trash September 2012
Nananu-I-Ra beach
Debriefing, now what do we think this is?
Awaiting our volunteers
Thats alot of bags, not finished yet
Data collection
Time for lunch
Now splash for trash
Mission:Beach clean up
Help us too help you, get involved
Captin Clean-up!