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Finathon Hall of Fame!
More Shark lovers found at the dive site last weekend!
Congratulations everyone, we raised £218.50 in total for our beautiful underwater friends.   That is 72% of our target reached!  We are still taking donations at www.justgiving.com so its not too late to make a donation!  Thank you to everyone who has supported Scuba Scene! Weather it was you who sat and learned more about shark conservation in Brian's presentation or those of you who finned at St James pool or those of you who have made donations.   THANK YOU from all of us at Scuba scene
Shark Conservation is sooooooo important! Come and learn why!
The 16th July is coming soon! Pop in to the dive center to get your photo in Our Finathon Hall of Fame!
See you on the 16th July, remember we have the Aware Shark Conservation presentation at the dive center at 6.00pm first!
Our first volunteer has arrived and check out his t-shirt!
We have our first relay team with Sara Barrett, Ingrid Turner, Sheila Foster and Kate Foster. Absolutely fab ladies, shall see you in the pool on the 16th July!
Close up of Nathan's t-shirt!
Finathon Hall of Fame!
Thank you Brian for a great presentation!
Lee your eager!
 There pretty large!are you trying to cheat?
Neo and Kerry time watching!
Shark cakes!
Result! Yummy x
Congratulations certified divers!
Well done guys, time for a beer!
A special thank you to Nathan Harrison, Simon Wheeler and Zoe Middleton, we made a great relay team!
Hammer Time!!!!!!!!!!!
Home made Halloween cakes for donation's!
Ian Angell, owner of Scubascene
Fancy dress competition
Amelia supporting the fight for Shark's
Thank you Kris for your yummy cakes once again!
Finathon Hall of Fame!
Finathon Hall of Fame!
Finathon Hall of Fame!
Pool side Nurse Sharks
Finathon Hall of Fame!
Finathon Hall of Fame!
Finathon Hall of Fame!
Finathon Hall of Fame!
Dive For Debris - Plymouth - April 2013
Spider Crab
Trash collected for Dive For Debris!
James Egan Lane
Collecting Trash