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Sunshine Divers's Photos

High Tide Floating Debris Clean Up
Collecting floating Debris
food packaging always washing up on shore
September Clean~Up Dive Mango Bay
The new PADI Project Aware Clean Up Bags
some sorted through garbage
collecting data
Instructor Simon sorting while Instructor Marco logs the data
sorting through rubbish
Lighthouse Clean-up Dive June 2012
Sunshine Divers Guests participating in the Lighthouse Bay clean up
Janice & Si Zutt -trash collecting to preserve paradise
Bastiaan, Janice and Rebecca- sorting out the trash
Bas & Janice sorting out trash
Collection of items from Light House Bay
Lighthouse Clean-up Dive June 2012
Lighthouse Clean-up Dive June 2012
Lighthouse Clean-up Dive June 2012
Lighthouse Clean-up Dive June 2012
Lighthouse Clean-up Dive June 2012
Lighthouse Clean-up Dive June 2012
Waste Bin
Glass Bottles
Plastic Bottles & Cans
Recycling Bins
Sunshine becomes PADI EMP Certified ~ The new Koh Tao PADI Ecological Monitoring Program
Sunshine Instructor Simon in the process of the Substrate Survey
Sunshine Instructor Janice laying out the Transect Line
Sunshine Course Director Natalie Hunt with Sunshine Instructor Janice
Sunshine Instructor Simon with the EMP Book
Sunshine Course Director Natalie with the Secci Disc ~ the way to determine Underwater Visibility
The Transect Line
The Data Collection
The inquisitive Bat Fish by the Transect Line
The "Cluster Bomb" of baby Nudibranchs found during the Invertebrate Survey
Fin Loose Festival Dance 2012
Fin Loose Dancers
Roses for donations - Money Raised
Group Photo...
Mr and Miss Save Koh Tao 2012
Mr and Miss Koh Tao Contestants 2012
Mr. Koh Tao - Manuel Tobolars
P.Wam and Manuel
Egg Container Greenhouse
Drupella Snail Collection
Drupella Snails
Louise, Olly, Janice, Simon Collection Team
Drupella Snails collected in bottles
DMT snorkel trip
DMT Addy
Sarah and Manuel PADI instructors
the gang, the boat
DMT's Addy and Fifi celebrating earning 5's on their presentations
DMT Julie Remp
In the sun
Nice padi flag
abandoned resort
junk on the beach
no crack left unclean
loading the boat
cooling off