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The Reef Dive Resort at Mataking Island's Photos

World Turtle day
In The Bag
Pink Rubbish is still Rubbish
Good job team
This ones for the turtles!
April's Dive Against Debris
Candy wrapper, not so sweet for the environment
Somethings do not belong on the reef
Go team
Time to sort
Paradise just got a little cleaner
Hatchlings away!!
Baby green turtle getting ready to run
Green turtle hatchlings take there first swim
Everyone gets ready for release of our baby hawksbill turtles
Off they go!!!
Almost there!!!
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About us
Witnessing the Mircale of Birth at Mataking Island!
A Green Turtle giving birth in broad daylight!
Measuring the carapice of a pregnant Green turtle.
Positive Action sees the return of the White Tip Reef Shark to our waters!
The Return of the White Tip Reef Sharks to Humphead Point!
Phase 1 of the 2011 Artificial Reef project at Mataking
Phase 1 of the 2011 Mataking Artificial Reef project
Sinking the first of 10 12ft belian pyramids in phase 1
Our new DM and Marine Biologist join the Mataking Family.
Our new DM and Marine Biologist join the Mataking family.
Artificial Reef Pyramids are nearly ready for sinking!!
Building our Artificial Reef Pyramids - fishy heaven!
Mataking Recieves an Intrernational Award for Excellence by Trip Advisor
Award for Excellence 2011