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jan_zutt's Photos

When we became EMP Instructors
Simon & the Substrate Survey
Me laying the transect line
Nat & the Secci Disc ~ measuring visibility
The pre~dive preparation (Nat, Dave & myself)
Simon & the EMP Book
The Transect Line
Data collecting
Me asking a Question to our EMP Instructor
The beautiful & inquisitive Bat Fish at Chalok Ban Kao Site
The 'cluster bomb' of oreo nudi babies
Koh Tao Photography Contest ~ Showing the most of our environment
Fuzzy Oreo
"Lonely Planet"
Preserving Paradise... or trying ~ Beach Clean~Up
The things you come across
got a spare 5 mins?...
Sunshine DMT Ben McDonald helps out during one of my lunchtime clean~up'ss
Those Dastardly Drupella Snails....
Adult Drupella...making sure its a snail & not a Hermit crab
The prior preparations
The Collection