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The Current State Of The Blue Hole - Dahab, Egypt
The current state of the Blue Hole. All of this plastic is the result of the hoards of tourists who frequent this site and the poor infrastructure to dispose and manage waste.
Bottles, broken snorkelling fins and even sheets of plastic litter the shore and coral of the Blue Hole.
The floating jetty which was installed to keep tourists from walking on the reef has been completely destroyed and ow just adds to the waste on shore.
On wind still days snorkelers frequently experience a thick slick of plastic and other pollutants in the Blue Hole as the tides change. This happens due to pollutants 'settling' on the reef table and being lifted off at high tide.
More plastic and parts of the floating jetty which were installed at a cost of close to 100 EUR per block.
Even large sheets of plastic adds to the pollution here.
Less than 20 meters from the entry to the Blue Hole, large sheets of plastic, cans and bottles litter the shore.
Large sheets of plastic and used carpets are common sight and very little is being done to dispose of this.
The giant heap of plastic and waste from restaurants at the Blue Hole being hoarded just out of sight from tourists.