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scubabeat55's Photos

Ocean prints
Ulua on a 24x24 print
Harlequin Shrimp on a 24x24 print
Monk Seal on a 24x24 print
Parrot Fish on a 24x24 print
Roatan Reef Sharks on a 24x24 print
Adams River - Sockeye Salmon
Pacific Sting Ray - New Zealand
Portfolio shots
Whitemouth moray eel in Curaçao
Humuhumunukunukua'pu'Aa - Hawaiian Triggerfish
Portfolio shots
Frogfish on Maui
Whiteside Pacific dolphins in New Zealand
Blue Mao Maos at Poor Knights Island NZ
Scorpion fish in New Zealand
Clown Fish around Yasawa Islands - Fiji
Cleaner shrimp on moray - Maui
Longnose Butterfly fish - Maui
Green Turtle and Monk Seal having a date - Maui
Roatan Reef Shark often have longliner fish hooks.
Isopod on a Creole wrasse in Curaçao.