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Jack Longman

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Jack Longman
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My name is Jack Longman, I'm an English born PADI trained DM (#295310), who currently resides in Spain, the country I learnt to dive in. For me diving is a way of life and a game that brings great joy. I've been working with dive clubs since I was an Open Water Diver, and most dive clubs I've been with have all been Spanish so I've learned enough to get by with the scuba diving. Also as well as that, I also have had some previous work working for a water sports business as well.

I was brought up around boats and have often had to fix my own when it broke, due to spark problems & punctures. I also have a journalism background, writing for magazines, my articles have features on marine biology, maritime history, the marine environment, I'm also an aspiring novelist and marine life documenter, which brings out my love for underwater photography and more importantly, sharks.

As for the age, I'm 19, now I know that's young, but I actually started work when I was 14, so I already have 5 years experience and my watery skills aren't just with diving, what with previous work for a water sports business.


Jack Longman - PADI Divemaster

+0034 657 365 373

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