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Be part of a global movement and dive into action to confront two key ocean issues – sharks in peril and marine debris.

Project AWARE Map

Aware Divers in Action (map)

Dive Into Action

Want to make your dives count for conservation? Search the Action Map for events near you or check out a full list of upcoming actions to dive into. Better yet, start an action in your community. 


Dive Against Debris (map)

Dive Against Debris Map

Together, we're battling back against ocean trash and showing the world what's found beneath the waves. Explore the map to find the types and amounts of debris items divers are reporting from more than 60 countries and help make change.



Action Highlights

Action Highlights

We all know the garbage disposal strategies in third world countries around the globe. Change is slowly on the way. Aside from public education on how to deal with garbage, a political change is necessary to provide the needed infrastructure for efficient garbage disposal. Project AWARE is working hard to achieve this global goal. Sound statistics are often the basis for such political discussions. You as a diver can help collecting data on the garbage impact in the oceans through Dive Against Debris!

Earlier this month we completed a marine debris clean up at two dive sites removing over 70 meters of rope and fishing hooks!

On Sunday May 8th, I organised my first DAD/clean up event. I did it as part of my ongoing and growing concern for our planets seas and waterways, and also as my PADI Divemaster project.