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If you're learning to dive or looking to expand your diving knowledge by taking a new dive course or specialty, choose a 100% AWARE Partner.

100% AWARE dive centers and instructors on this map are committed to turn all of their students into AWARE ambassadors for the oceans.

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These ocean stewards support a clean, healthy ocean by making a donation on behalf of each student to Project AWARE. You'll receive the Project AWARE version of your PADI certification card and be part of a movement of divers protecting our ocean planet.

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100% AWARE partners make a big difference by contributing  vital funds to protect the ocean planet.  Ongoing contributions support:

  • Marine Debris Prevention: we’re collecting data and removing devastating debris worldwide while tackling policy efforts to address long-term solutions.
  • Shark Protection: securing protection for the world’s most vulnerable shark species. Together, we’re strengthening shark finning bans and closing policy loopholes in countries that matter most.

We are 100% AWARE because we believe that protecting the environment cannot be a part-time activity. It’s all or nothing. Every time a student looks at their certification card they are going to be reminded of the investment we have made on their behalf. Our hope is that it will inspire them to participate as well.”

- Les Newman, Langley Diving, Canada

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