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Tangalooma Jetty clean-up dive and fundraiser

This Halloween, divers will be gearing up for a clean-up dive at the famous Tangalooma Jetty! A dive with a difference... all divers will be diving in FANCY DRESS- as their favourite marine animal!

The legendary Jetty is where a family of inshore bottlenose dolphins visit every night, to be given by guests their favourite food- fish! This is closely monitored by our on-island Marine Education Centre, who provide in depth coverage of the dolpin feed programme throughout. As fishing is a popular activity on the Jetty, fishing line is the main debris we will be retrieving, but as a busy arrival and departure point for thousands of guests each week we will be sure to find something interesting!

Tangalooma Jetty clean-up dive and fundraiser
Tangalooma Island Resort
Tangalooma Jetty
Moreton Island, QLD 4025
27° 10' 51.9456" S, 153° 22' 17.7528" E
Jueves, Octubre 31, 2013 - 06:00 - 11:00

To raise funds, we will be holding a breakfast barbie for guests and staff arriving and departing. Around this we also plan to display the rubbish we collect during the clean up dive, as well as having posters/brochures and other info about marine debris and how we can help

So if your near Brisbane, hop on the ferry this thursday and help us out!!