Infographic: Manta and Devil Rays at Risk

Fished at alarming rates, manta and devil rays line the streets of many fish markets around the world – sought primarily for their gill rakers – the feathery structures these filter feeders use to strain food as they glide through the water. At a one-time payout of about $250 per kilogram versus approximately $1 million in tourism over a manta’s lifetime, is it really worth the destruction?

Infographic: Manta and Devil Rays at Risk

Unsustainable and uncontrolled international trade drives the demise of these gentle creatures. So Project AWARE and our partners worked hard and succeeded in helping to get mantas protected under CITES. But we’re not stopping there. Check out Project AWARE’s infographic Manta and Devil Rays at Risk, learn more and find out what you can do to help.

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Manta Rays At Risk. An infographic by Project AWARE