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Be part of a global movement and dive into action to confront two key ocean issues – sharks in peril and marine debris.

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Aware Divers in Action (map)

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Want to make your dives count for conservation? Search the Action Map for events near you or check out a full list of upcoming actions to dive into. Better yet, start an action in your community. 


Dive Against Debris (map)

Dive Against Debris Map

Together, we're battling back against ocean trash and showing the world what's found beneath the waves. Explore the map to find the types and amounts of debris items divers are reporting from more than 60 countries and help make change.



Action Highlights

Action Highlights

A total of 55kg of rubbish was collected on Wednesday the 27th of May by the dive against debris team made up of twenty-three divers from Ban's Diving Resort and Sunshine Divers. The team targeted Laem Thien and Hin Wong Bay on the east coast of Koh Tao, Thailand. It was amazing to see so many divers working together to help keep our beautiful island the paradise that we all love. As scuba divers we are the ambassadors for the aquatic environment; the ocean requires our respect and protection.

Because Sharks needs our help! 

So its been a while since we did a Dive Against Debris here at Asia Divers. So we got back to it during the Instructor Development Course to make sure our new PADI Instructors know how to be a good role model when it come to the environment. We found all sorts of trash but the main items where plastic rappers and fishing lines Thanks to Ferdi, Eric, Junie, Cris and Charmaine for taking part in the clean up, I hope it inspires you all to think more about the environment, so our children's children can see all the amazing things we saw.