STOP bottled water

There are many ways to discuss if bottled water is right or wrong, just or injust, it is in many ways downright silly when we use common sense.

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Jeudi, Septembre 12, 2013 - 17:01 - Mercredi, Janvier 1, 2014 - 03:00
Only a few minutes are needed to find out that bottled water is pure stupidity. Often water is perfectly available. Not arguing the fact that there are pros to pricing a product, I see no reason that water should be a commercial product used for making a ...profit. That it should bear a price, fine! Be a source of profits, not fine! That it will be more expensive in one country where it is less abundant than in others, logic! That bottled water is a source of pollution, yes! That it has created financial inequality, clear! That it made large companies come in, take over and cut off people from valuable resources, history! That water is an important resource that should be cherished, absolutely!

But this page will not focus on convincing people it's an issue. It's about generating action and ideas for change. So, the ambition is high.

Let’s create a huge group of fans and like-minded people and start communicating about cool stuff that stops bottled water!

Let's try.   So go to and like the page.. THANKS


Hope you'll all join.


2 ans ago