Oonas Dive Club - Earth Day Underwater Clean Up

22 volunteers from Oonas Dive Club and 4 staff participated in an Underwater Clean Up in support of Earth Day 2013.  Our two dive boats, Obiwan and Hooligan spent an afternoon in a small bay, Marsa Ghozlani, in the Ras Mohammed National Park in Sharm El Sheikh and collected an amazing 70 kilos of rubbish. 

Collected items ranged from plastic bags and cups, fishing line, large pieces of metal, discarded bouys and ropes, cardboard and many other items.

The Ras Mohammed National Park is well known for its protected status which prevents any development in the area and is therefore famous for its pristine corals and abundant marine life.  Marsa Ghozlani is a site particularly favoured by snorkellers and day trippers as a result of its sheltered location and accessible reefs.  However, the number of daily visitors in turn means that a good deal of rubbish is blown into the sea.

Volunteers were all presented with certificates of recognition provided by the Chamber of Diving and Water Sports.

Thanks to our volunteers, we are very happy to have played a part in cleaning up this area, restoring the natural habitat and contributing to Earth Day 2013 :-)