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South Mole Fremantle Beach Clean Up Day

written by Lindsay Phillips - Perth Scuba PADI Divemaster

South Mole Fremantle Beach Clean Up Day

What a beautiful day for the South Mole Beach clean up day, it was nice and sunny with flat seas. We had 20 people turn up, with 13 divers and 7 shore crew.

The water looked great but the visibility was only about half a meter, but Mark Street and his dive buddy saw 2 dolphins!!!

When the clean up was finished, every one enjoyed the free lunch of BBQ sausages and rolls.

I would like to thank everyone that turned up to help, and thanks to Jason for being the dive master and getting all the divers ready.

Also thanks for the 3 new divers who came down to help, we hope to see you on our Sunday Club dives!!!


Awesome work guys - thanks so

Awesome work guys - thanks so much for your great efforts!

2 ans ago