Août. 01/11
Australia NSW
33° 54' 51.084" S, 151° 6' 21.4452" E

Coastalwatch are producing a 7 part series looking at the amazing underwater environments on Australia's East Coast, partnering with PADI, Project Aware and AMCS.


So, weekends  have passed...

Dive Against Debris # 6 and 7 for the World Whale and Dolphin Day  is completed!    

Unfortunately participate in actions could only a small part of our group. Together with my buddy we have made two dives in hot water of a reservoir in the Desnogorsk city. 


My stay in Kenya with Buccaneer Diving is now coming to an end ... )-: but before I go I promised my Project AWARE friends I would collect petition signatures for the Give Sharks a Fighting Chance petition.


Buccaneer Diving spoiled me with a trip to Haller Nature Park, a reclaimed mining quarry in Mombasa that now acts as an animal sanctuary.


After spending some quality time with my new Schools to the Sea friends, Bruce, Mark and Sander from Buccaneer Diving in Kenya took me on a glass boat trip. I wasn't too keen on this type of trip but when they explained what it was I got all excited about it!    

Juil. 22/11
The Desnogorsky water basin Desnogorsk
54° 10' 32.88" N, 33° 17' 18.96" E


13 Dreaming dolphins declare War to garbage!  We will hunt on fishing nets! We'll grant freedom for fish!!! Join us! Together we will help water to become pure.  And water will tell to us "Thanks, people!". MORE

During my stay in Kenya I was very fortunate to meet fantastic children who were participating in the "Schools to the Sea" project, a 5 year education initiative aimed at enabling young people to experience the wonders of the marine environment for the first time in their lives. This great project is coordinated by Buccaneer Diving and partially funded by Project AWARE.


Whatta a blast! My new attempt to reach the Kenyan shores is a success!

Exhausted after two days of intensive swimming, a friendly kite surfer took me on a ride and helped me reach my destination in style.

My friends Bruce, Mark and Sander from Buccaneer Diving were all anxiously awaiting my arrival and were really pleased to see me.

Sep. 02/11
Dive Bequia
Port Elizabeth
Bequia VC0400
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
13° 0' 21.186" N, 61° 14' 17.5596" W

Come and join in on one of our International Cleanup day dives! Every dive is a cleanup dive here at Dive Bequia but today is extra special to celebrate our oceans.


We have three dives departing at 9:00, 11:30 and 14:30.

Sep. 04/11
H2O Diving, Silbersee
Leerweg Honisch Beach
Niedernberg D-61440
49° 54' 9.3456" N, 9° 7' 7.1472" E

First AWARE DAY with TAWO Diving and H2O Diving

We have interesting reports about the new launch of Project Aware.

Two important themes: Sharks and the pollution of the ocean.

Specialty PADI Project AWARE included.

Clean-up around an in our lake "Silbersee".

Fun day around the Silbersee including barbecue.