The Ugly Journey Of Our Trash

Sep. 13/11

Did you know that a staggering 250 million metric tons of plastic could make its way to the ocean in the next 10 years? One of the reasons Project AWARE is collecting marine debris data from divers is to help build a clear picture of the underwater trash that threatens ocean life. With this knowledge, we can make more effective decisions when it comes to waste management policies.

Marine debris comes from many land and ocean sources. Check out the infographic below and follow The Ugly Journey of our Trash to learn how different kinds of debris threaten marine life. 

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If you’re interested in a copy of “The Ugly Journey Of Our Trash”, click here for print-friendly PDF version.

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The posters actually brings

The posters actually brings awareness of environmental conservation and protection specially to our ocean and seas. We must all be responsible, regardless of this poster or any campaigns, we should be doing our share to protect and serve our planet. This poster is in fact not only perfect collection, but instead a good sample for use to be motivated. Anyway, printing of this ind of posters in digital format can be done in many ways, though I prefer to have it done at if given a chance to choose.

1 day ago

Hello, same request, is it


same request, is it possible to recieve this poster in english and indonesian digital to my email address? We are starting something up on Bali together with Buleleng Goverment to fight and ban plastic bags ed to start with.

kees mooij

1 year ago

Dear admin, do you have an

Dear admin, do you have an Indonesian language version of the infographic? I might be able to help you with the translation. I am currently managing a Indonesian blog and would like to post the infographic in there. Please let me know of this.

1 year ago