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Dive Against Debris - Underwater and Beach Clean-up

Dive Against Debris - Underwater and Beach Clean-up
Lang Tengah Island
Lot 60, 63, R 218 Pasir Besar
Lang Tengah Island, TR 21030
5° 47' 36.6036" N, 102° 53' 48.2928" E
Giovedì, Agosto 29, 2013 - 09:00 - Venerdì, Agosto 30, 2013 - 21:00

Love our ocean and beach, keep it clean. Be a volunteer today to proctect it!! Diver and Nondiver are welcome to participate on this event. The environment need us to protect them. 


Good luck with your Dive Against Debris this weekend! Have a great day - look forward to hearing about it :)

2 years ago

Can i have more info abt this programme. Thx

3 years ago

I would like to take part in the diver volunteer program. Kindly email me for further info via atok@live.com. Thank you.

3 years ago