LionFish Control in Bahamas

Hello Divers,

Mercoledì, Febbraio 26, 2014 (Tutto il giorno) - Domenica, Marzo 2, 2014 (Tutto il giorno)

We need your help in the Bahamas!

Pacific Lionfish in the Caribbean are a fast moving, voracious invasive species that immediately threaten the reef system as we know it. Lionfish in the Caribbean have no natural predators, and can decimate the population of small fish on a reef by as much as 80% in just a few short months! This trip will be one of a series of trips that my dive center(Atlantic Edge) is sponsoring aimed at analyzing and eradicating the Lionfish problem in the Bahamas. If your are interested visit  to sign up. This trip is a pre-sell, we are just trying to gauge interest. Put your name on the interest list.

Instructions to sign up

1. Go to and visit adventures and local diving.

2. Click Bahamas Trip February 2014.

3. On the Very Bottom says "are you interested".

4. Fill in your name and email address.