Gen. 11/14
Atolls Male, Ari and Rashdoo
4° 10' 1.2216" N, 73° 13' 6.1824" E

We'll make the specialty course AWARE shark conservation, we'll see the healthy of the maldivian sharks, the diversity of the species and we'll teach to the people of the life on board the way to swim with the whale shark for not disturb him. Every body will be welcome to the course in the Maldivian Dream boat

Apr. 22/13
Kon Tiki - Krabi Ao nang, 81 81000
8° 2' 34.4868" N, 98° 53' 16.5804" E

Earth Day - Shark awareness

As we go into a more rainy period of the year, we would like to take this opportunity to spend more time with everyone around us. To try and educate them in the effects of shark finning and also to put a light what is really happening around us.

Join us for this presenation on our boat. We will try to do the dives on those places we most often see the sharks. Then as we head back home, we will talk through todays sightings and the effects we humans have on them.


Join us!


Conny Jeppson