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Be part of a global movement and dive into action to confront two key ocean issues – sharks in peril and marine debris.

Project AWARE Map

Aware Divers in Action (map)

Dive Into Action

Want to make your dives count for conservation? Search the Action Map for events near you or check out a full list of upcoming actions to dive into. Better yet, start an action in your community. 


Dive Against Debris (map)

Dive Against Debris Map

Together, we're battling back against ocean trash and showing the world what's found beneath the waves. Explore the map to find the types and amounts of debris items divers are reporting from more than 60 countries and help make change.



Action Highlights

Action Highlights

We had the biggest turn out ever for a Dive Against Debris on Saturday 27th September with 34 Divers helping out.  We had to take out two boats to Palace Wall and all the divers spread out to cover as much of the area as possible.  A big thanks to Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas for supplying the boats, gear and crew including captains Carl & Dexter and Instructors Terri, Gigi, Katie and Charlotte.

As part of our commitment to a clean environment and Project Awares September 'Dive Against Debris' month, we took a team of our Divemasters in training, Divemasters and Instructors to a local beach area on Utila on Monday 29th September for a clean up.

This was our second cleanup for September. 

The pier has a small current but we managed to get out early and have a great event.  We had over 65 participants, 41 divers, 9 kayakers, St Pete Fire Department Divers (with van and boat), and almost 20 cleanup and data collector volunteers.