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Ocean Action Project 2012

In 2012 five incredible Ocean Action Projects were put into motion after you voted for the conservation projects you believed would make a real impact.

Ocean Action Project 2012

From shark and manta ray protection to cleaning up the ocean from the growing onslaught of trash, our Ocean Action Projects are going from strength to strength. Keep up to date with the progress as together we fight for a cleaner, healthier ocean.

1. Semporna Shark Sanctuary, Malaysia: Scuba Junkie

The Semporna Shark Sanctuary (SSS) aims to protect around  8000km2 of reef, open ocean and vital mangrove areas. Working  with the community through workshops and presentations as well  as visiting regional and national schools to highlight the importance of sharks, shark conservation in Sabah and the SSS. 

2. Project Momentum: Working with local fishing communities to help protect   Indonesian Manta Rays, Tigers and Bull Sharks, Indonesia: Gili Eco Trust and Aquatic Alliance

Focusing on one of the primary shark/manta fish markets in  Indonesia: Tanjung Luar, Lombok, data is being collected on the  number of catches of all species of sharks and rays caught, but  specifically bull and tiger sharks and giant and reef manta rays (all  unprotected keystone species). An assessment of fishermen’s  earnings, where they fish, and their methods along with the economic network that extends from catch to consumer is also being conducted.

3. Koh Tao Debris Master Plan, Thailand: Save Koh Tao Group

The Koh Tao Debris Master Plan is focusing on four areas of  action: (1) Beach and Road Bin Installation (2) Daily/weekly island  clean-up crew (3) Anti-plastic and foam box Campaign (4) Signage  on beaches and roads. The results will see a reduction in litter  and debris on the reefs and beaches plus empower the  community and local businesses to be part of the solution. 

4. Marine Debris Action Teams Create Plastic-Free Sea Turtle Habitat,Costa Rica: Dr. Chris Pincetich & PRETOMA

Building on a successful pilot project with the conservation group  PRETOMA, the local sea turtle field station is transforming into an  action and awareness centre for the community to engage on the  issue of marine debris. 


5. Community Based Shark Conservation Research To Guide Marine Protected Area Design, Galapagos Islands, Maximilian Hirschfeld

Based in the Galapagos Science Center and in collaboration with  the Galapagos National Park, this project is identifying key  ecosystems to include in the zoning scheme of the Galapagos  Marine Reserve. Using state of the art technology the study  works hand in hand with local fishermen, National Park staff and  local students from the Galapagos Institute of Arts and Sciences. Only with scientifically sound data, awareness and community involvement can the project accomplish a successful new zoning scheme for the marine reserve.

Check out the Ocean Action Project 2013 for the next wave of community projects to tackle just some of the problems facing our ocean.