Lake Wylie

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Team Leader Name: 
George Smith
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Number of Participants: 

About Your Survey

Survey Date: 
Sep. 30/12
Organisation/Dive Centre: 
Exclusive Scuba
Survey Site Location: 
Lake Wylie Rock Hill, SC 20730
United States
Survey Site GPS Coordinates: 
United States
35° 0' 59.3388" N, 81° 0' 26.6796" W
Weather Conditions for Previous Week: 
85 degrees, clear

Survey Information

Survey Depth Range Metric: 
Area Surveyed Metric: 
Dominant Substrate: 
other (please describe)
Ecosystem (Other): 
sand/silt clams, snails, some rocks and old christmas trees providing shelter for small fish
Wave Conditions: 
Calm (glassy to rippled) for waves 0 – 0.1 meter high

Total Weight of all Debris Collected

Reliability of Total Weight: 
Weight Unit Used: 

Other Debris Items

Other Debris Items: 
Other Debris Items (Identify Materials) Number of Items Found
Item 1 --

Additional Information

Most Unusual Item Found: 
sofa cushions

Comments and Feedback

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Do you have any photos?
Comments or Feedback: 
We would have happily counted individual items but didn't think to record that much detail.
Additional Information: 
Was great day with multiple diver teams in the water, shore support and boat support. We filled bags underwater and sent them to the surface with lift bags for the boat team to collect and bring to shore while we continued collecting trash from the bottom. It was a great day and loads of fun. It was the first time for several diving in 0 viz but was great training and a huge help to the cove.