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Be part of a global movement and dive into action to confront two key ocean issues – sharks in peril and marine debris.

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Dive Against Debris Map

Together, we're battling back against ocean trash and showing the world what's found beneath the waves. Explore the map to find the types and amounts of debris items divers are reporting from more than 60 countries and help make change.



Action Highlights

Action Highlights

We had a great morning on Sunday and got quite a good haul considering it was a first time for us and we only had approximately 0.5-1m vis. There wasn’t as much debris as I would have expected, especially closer into the wharf but we did come across a bottle pyramid quite far off shore which must be the distance a fisherman can throw a bottle from the wharf, and this will be a point of interest for future dives.

July 5th, the day after a major American holiday.  We expected rubbish build-up from post-celebration activities, but what we found was beyond belief.

Saturday 21st June this year, marked the 8th Annual Reef Day event at The Reef Dive Resort, Mataking Island; in collaboration with WWF Malaysia. The theme this year was “Love the Ocean, Respect the Reef”.

The management and staff of Mataking Island were joined by WWF Malaysia, Green Semporna, Reef Check Malaysia, Wanita Pulau Omadal (WAPO), guests from the resort, students from SK St Patrick and SJK Sin Hwa in Tawau and SK Pekan Semporna and children from nearby Kalapuan. The PGA and Army based at Mataking also gave a hand.