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National Geographic Diver Course

National Geographic Diver specialty

National Geographic Diver Course
National Geographic DiveCenter DiscoveryDivers
ReeuwijksePoort 307
Reeuwijk 2811NV
52° 3' 21.4092" N, 4° 43' 40.8936" E
zondag, augustus 5, 2012 - 00:00 - maandag, augustus 6, 2012 - 07:00

Join this 2-day specialty course and become an official National Geographic Diver and improve your diving, observation and documentation skills! 

We dive with Go Pro HERO HD2 Action and other underwatercameras and you learn all the important skills also used by National Geographic Underwater Journalists to document your story. This specialty is highly recommended for all divers beginner and pro, who care about the acquatic life and also want to improve their bouyancy and navigation skills!

Included: min. 3 dives, NG binder, NG almanac, NG portal DVD, use of HD action cameras and PADI application fee.

€ 249,- p/p

Please call or email us to join. We teach this course in German/English and Dutch

contact: Sven